FAQ025: What is "the core"?

The core is a buzz word in the fitness, physiotherapy and rehab spaces. We talk about it all the time.

How you need to have more core strength in order for you to alleviate back pain, hip pain or to overall improve your posture.core, physiotherapy,

The core is a key component to the pilates and yoga methodologies which focus on core strengthening and breathing mechanics to improve flexibility, stability and overall sense of being.

But what is the core?

The core is actually a group of four muscles that resemble a box. It is composed of the diaphragm underneath the ribs, the abs at the front (often called your transverse abs), the pelvic floor, and the back stabilizers like your erectors and your multifidus. All of these muscles work together to help keep your spine stable and strong. The core is often strengthened to prevent injuries and recover from injuries although there is a big debate right now if targeted exercises are necessary. Some believe that simply getting stronger and working on a general exercise program can be just as beneficial to alleviate your low back pain.

Preventing injuries from happening is a key component of the STAVE OFF philosophy and what we want to do to stay healthy as we get older. Check out our article that outlines our pillars and what guides us in all of our programs and coaching.

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