FAQ024: What are some of the signs you may be having a stroke?

Knowing the signs of a stroke

The rate of stroke in North America (and really all over the world) is on the rise. Just like with a heart attack, a stroke is the effect of a blockage in an artery that stops blood flow. In a heart attack, that blood flow stops in the heart. With a stroke, the blood flow is blocked in the brain.

Catch it early

Early detection is critical. If you can get a loved one to the hospital quickly, there are medication that you can give that can increase the amount a recovery. In order to detect it, you need to know the signs!

I always think that the signs you are having a heart attack are more commonly known than if you were having a stroke. But it is really important to know both!

The Signs of a Stroke, It’s time to act FAST

F = Facial drooping or paralysis

A = Arm weakness

S = Slurred speech

T = time to call 911

A stroke is all about your heart

In other articles, we have talked about the importance of keeping your heart healthy even if or especially after you’ve had a heart attack and the same holds true for the vessels around your brain. You can check out the article here. 

Healthy lifestyle factors like eating well and exercise can prevent some of these chronic conditions from happening. Check out more on the blog to learn more about how you can get started.

If you need more help on what to do to keep you moving if you have had a stroke, contact us and we can help! 

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