FAQ019: What is a cortisone shot?

Cortisone shots

When you’re dealing with pain everyday… you want answers. You go to your doctor who lays out a couple of the options that you can use to manage pain. They range from different types of medications, hot and cold, synvisc injections for your knees and also cortisone shots. Many of our physiotherapy clients have had a cortisone shot for some of their aches and pains, particularly arthritis.

Cortisone shots have gained more attention in the last couple of years because of their potential benefit for muscle aches and pain.

What is it?

Cortisone is the combination of a local anesthetic and a corticosteroid. It goes directly into your joint and hopes to alleviate the pain in the area. The local anesthetic gives you a dose of pain killer to the area. The corticosteroid, because it is in a concentrated dosage, aims to relieve the pain for longer periods of time.

In our video today, we talk about what a cortisone shot is and how often you can receive one. You can’t get a weekly injection of cortisone. The maximum dosage is four times per year.

It doesn’t work for everyone – but for some it gives much needed relief

The results of a cortisone shot vary. For some, the pain is alleviated instantly and stays that way for many months. For others, the pain subsides for a bit an then comes back. Often times, the more shots you have, the less time it works for. It is person dependent.

I hope it works for you!

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