FAQ009: When should I get a joint replacement?

The decision to get a joint replacement is a big deal

To get a joint replacement or not to get a joint replacement, that is the question. For those struggling with severe arthritis, this is a very individual question and one that many people struggle with. Many people turn to their physiotherapist or their doctor to give them the answer and decide… but it really isn’t our decision. The decision is yours and only you can make that decision but I will try to give some perspective into the process.

Some of the factors involved in whether to go for surgery

There are a couple of things that we talk about whenever a person is a candidate for a knee or hip replacement.

  1. What does the X Ray look like? This will show the degree of arthritis present and if that makes you a candidate
  2. How is it affecting your life? Quality of life and how the pain from arthritis is affecting your day to day life is probably the most important consideration a person will think about when they are considering surgery. Once they have gotten to the point where they feel like they can’t take the pain anymore, is usually the time they go on the wait list
  3. Are you a risk for surgery? Even though joint replacements are more common now than they were before, they are still a surgery. You have to go under anesthetic and you have risks of infection or side effects just let any other surgery would. This is a discussion for you to have with your doctor.

Enjoy the video and let us know what you think.

Also, check out our blog post on the difference between pain levels and amount of arthritis on X Ray of the knee and the SI Joint (hint … sometimes the picture doesn’t tell us the whole story!)

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