FAQ 001: How do I exercise with severe arthritis in my knee?

Moderate to Severe Knee Arthritis can be painful and can severely limit what we do every day

We have many people who come into our physiotherapy clinic who think because they have severe arthritis, they can’t exercise. We have good news for you – it isn’t true! Even if you are waiting for a knee replacement, exercise should be an important part of your prehab program.

The stronger you are before surgery, the stronger you will be after.

But how?

For people who are trying to avoid knee joint replacement surgery all together, trying to increase the endurance, reduce the pain, and increase the strength of your legs is going to be extremely important.  arthritis, knee pain, exercise, physiotherapy

Many people believe that if they have severe arthritis, that they won’t be able to
exercise or that there pain will be through the roof. Although people who show worse X-Rays tend to have surgery more often, the link between pain and arthritis levels on X-rays can be less clear.

So the question becomes how can I exercise when my knee REALLY hurts with arthritis.

In this video, we give you some options

1. Pool therapy. Especially in warmer temperatures, the water can be a great way to exercise while not flaring up your joint pain.

2. Mini exercise doses. So you might not be able to go into the gym and do a full blown workout right off the hop, but you can do SOMETHING. That is the most important part. As your strength increases, so can your tolerance for exercise and then it grows from there.

3. Talking with a physiotherapist. Physiotherapy is a wonderful option for giving you some guiding principles for your workout routine. He or she can help you begin, modify and progress a gym program, giving you the ins and outs to pursue and to avoid.

If there is a will, there is a way. I know you’ll be able to get moving!

Until next time!


Christina Prevett

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