Episode 002: Why EVERYONE should be lifting weights!

Episode 002: Why we think EVERYONE should be lifting weights!

Strength training is a big part of the STAVE OFF philosophy. Our physiotherapy and gym clients all have weights and strength exercises as a staple component of their program.

Exercise can come in many forms. Often we imagine the dreaded treadmill where we spend hours trying to burn off those extra calories. Over the last couple of years however, we are starting to learn more and more about the importance of lifting weights for our health.

Traditionally, we thought about the athletes. Those people lifting heavy barbells and videos we see on YouTube. But really strength training is lifting against gravity and can be catered and progressed for any person, at any age.

But here’s what we always need to remember

Your body needs to be strong enough to handle what you’re asking it to do!

In this episode, we talk a little bit about why we strength training is important for EVERYONE and particularly its importance for people as they get older.

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We also have some articles on how we use strength training to get your stronger and possibly pain free. Check out this article on the deadlift for back pain and for arthritis our FAQ video

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