Do you Have a Pain in the Neck??

And no not your significant other… neck pain that can leave your feeling uncomfortable when you turn your head or even leave you with headaches. It actually could be your shoulder! 

It’s actually fairly common and can be due to the muscles around the shoulder that help to keep your shoulder in a good position. It can also be caused by overuse leading to an injury. If we use it too much we can cause pain and inflammation in the shoulder which triggers neck pain.

One of the ways we can alleviate some of pressure is by strengthening the back of the shoulder through an exercise called Y,T,W’s.

How to Do Them

– Think about pulling your shoulder blades back into place before you start moving your arms.

(We like to tell people this is squeezing a credit card between your shoulder blades!)

– Then raise your arms up with your thumbs always pointing to the ceiling and form a Y,T, and W with your arms and body.

Go through that sequence 3-5 for 2 sets alternating what days you do them on!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out!

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Nick Prevett

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