Your Knee Hurts, It Could be your Meniscus!

One of the most common injuries we see are knee injuries! Today we wanted to specifically talk about meniscus injuries, something we see a lot of. When someone is told they have a meniscus injury they often think that its a ligament in the knee, which isn’t actually the case, so before we get into it lets explain what your actually is meniscus.

What is it?

Simple put your meniscus is a piece of cartilage (cushion) that separates your thigh bone from your shin bone, It cushions your knee from twisting motions.

How do you injure it?

The most common way of injuring your meniscus is a forced extension or some sort of fall causing you to twist inwards. This inward twisting can cause tears in your meniscus leaving certain motion painful

What to do and what to avoid.

There are two main things you should avoid when you injure your meniscuc. One of them is a deep knee bend i.e. squatting below parallel, Now we really want to make sure this is said, squatting below parallel is not going to injure your knee. Squatting below parallel with an active meniscus injury isn’t going to feel great and should be best avoided.

The second is going up and down stairs. The reason for this is peoples knee will generally flex in or out as they walk down the stairs putting more pressure on the meniscus.

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Christina Prevett