Do you Actually Have Poor Posture???

I hate to use the word posture when describing it as good or bad, because there really isn’t a universal way we should all stand. Each of us have different bodies and mechanics that will all have us standing differently, BUT is it really just that you have bad posture.

Or is your upper back just a little bit weaker then the rest of your body. We get a lot of people who come in and say “WOW my posture is terrible I really need to focus on standing more upright.”

While this can be the case its actually more likely that your upper back is just a tad bit weaker then the rest of your body. 

Say you’re sitting at your desk for an 8 hour work day, your upper back needs to be strong enough to maintain a good position. (meaning keeping your shoulder back and not slouched forward) That can take a lot of work, so we wanted to give you an exercise you can do at home all you need is a band.

Banded Pull-Aparts:

What not to do

  • Aim for the middle of your chest
    • When people start to pull into there face or neck they just have a much higher likely hood of shrugging their shoulders up which can get a little pinchy in the neck
  • Bending the Elbow
    • The main point of the exercise is to create and external load so the shoulder blades actively have to pull together against something.
    • If you bend your elbow it will be significantly less strengthening of the upper back and more of a tricep exercise which isn’t what where looking for here.

What to do

  • Focus on keeping the arms either straight or slightly bent (only slightly)
    • Where really looking at getting the shoulder blades involved here you can have a slightly bent elbow this is more if you have had a pervious injury like tennis elbow because it can take some of the force of the joint
  • Let the shoulder blades move
    • Try not to pin the shoulder blades together the whole time
    • Where trying to get the to move properly over your rib cage meaning nice and Smoot

This is much more of an accessory exercise and not meant to be a stand alone but you can definitely pair it with more push style movements to get some balanced training, and make sure your strong enough to stand in more upright position or “having good posture”.

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Christina Prevett