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LAUNCH DATE: December 2016

The STAVE OFF Podcast: Using Rehab, Exercise, Nutrition, and Lifestyle to Prevent Illness and Stay Healthy

Talking about healthy lifestyle practices to help you learn about your health and age successfully.

Hosts: Christina Nowak Physiotherapist, Strength Coach and PhD studentthe-staveoff-podcast-2
Nick Prevett Personal trainer and Strength Coach

The STAVE OFF podcast is all about health!

Giving you the latest news about health, rehab, exercise and nutrition to make sure you stay healthy and prevent chronic illnesses. In this podcast, we talk about living well and being fit in your 40s, 50s, 60s … all the way to 100. We are beginning to uncover the secrets each day of what it means to be age well and what changes as we get older. It’s important you know them too!

As a physiotherapist and PhD student in exercise, Christina shares her stories and knowledge on preventing health issues. This podcast is co-hosted by her business partner and fiance Nick as he also shares his stories about training, health and dealing with injuries!

The STAVE OFF Podcast is part of the Senior Rehab Project Network. Interested in learning more about the network? Check out the website here. 

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