Bright Spots (April 5, 2020): Positive Vibes in COVID 19

Over the last couple of weeks, many peoples’ worlds have been spun upside down. People have lost jobs. Family members are going into front line and we’re worried. You yourself are a front line worker. Many people are feeling lonely and as more time passes, many people feel the loneliness start to sink in.

Because of that we wanted to create a weekly bright spots blog. A blog highlighting the good around the world and in our community. Just something that might brighten up your Sunday’s a little bit.

Bright Spots for this week

  1. The biggest and most important is that we have a new mini-STAVE OFF Member! Our very own Sara Tryon delivered a healthy baby boy named Keaton. Keaton Penn Tryon-Martin was born March 29th at 6 lbs 7 oz. Both mom and baby are doing well. Dad and big brother are so in love. Heres a picture of little Keaton for the STAVE OFF Fam!
  2. Have a toddler at home? This is a wonderful FROZEN themed dance class. Only 20 minutes to not push it with the attention span but give it a try
  3. Want to get a workout in with very little equipment? We got you covered! Subscribe to our YouTube page. We post 5 classes a week
  4. Big music fan?! Many of your favourite artists are doing “concerts at home” to bring you live music right through the speakers in your home! So cool. Here is an article that shows how to watch the best ones
  5. There has been one unexpected perk of social distancing. Our world is healing. There are less cars on the road and planes in the air. That means our world has the capacity to reverse some of the damage of climate change. It is nuts to see just how quickly positive change has happened. Check out this New York Times article on it!

We will be posting these Bright Spots every week so come back to the Blog page and check it out.

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Christina Prevett