Bright Spots (April 19, 2020): Positive Vibes in COVID-19

We have been in this for 6 weeks now and mental health is ebbing and flowing. Zapping some positive news into your day is just what the doctor ordered. We’re here to deliver it for you.

Close to Home:

  1. Maple Syrup Sell Out

Christina and Nick’s neighbor Jim Stoness has a small maple syrup company and each year he sells his syrup at the local farmer’s market. But with everything going on this year, he hasn’t been able to make it out. He is 82 and health compromised and didn’t want to risk it. maple syrup

STAVE OFF to the rescue! Our community has always been wonderful about supporting local and we pretty much SOLD HIM OUT! We were able to hand him a 1200 cheque for his maple syrup and now he only has a couple of liter containers, and 5 cases of 250 mL containers left!

So proud of our community!

  1. Pauline became a grandmother!

Yesterday Pauline Murphy a long-time member of ours announced the birth of her grandson. Chase was born April 19th and both mom and baby are doing well … though I know grandma is sad to not be able to see him yet!

  1. James is about to have his book release!

James and Gail Raffan have been members of STAVE OFF for several years now, but did you know that James is an artic explorer?! He wrote a book called Ice Walker that is set to release this fall! They just announced and we can’t wait to pre-order it. Check out his website!

Around the Internet

  1. Another happy news website

If you’re like us, you’re scouring the internet for some happy news stories. Well you’re in luck! There is a whole website for that! It talks about all good things like the fact that the turtles are returning to beaches in India because of the physical distancing measures.

  1. There’s new content coming up on Netflix.

If you’re stuck at home and feel like you don’t have anything new coming up on Netflix. Well there is good news! There is new stuff coming! Check them out here!

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