Bright Spots (April 12, 2020): Positive Vibes in COVID 19

Over the last couple of weeks, many peoples’ worlds have been spun upside down. People have lost jobs. Family members are going into front line and we’re worried. You yourself are a front line worker. Many people are feeling lonely and as more time passes, many people feel the loneliness start to sink in.

Because of that we wanted to create a weekly bright spots blog. A blog highlighting the good around the world and in our community. Just something that might brighten up your Sunday’s a little bit.

Bright Spots for this week

  1. You can see killer whales right by the shore now in Vancouver because it has been so quiet with less boats and planes around.
  2. Love Cirque de Soleil?! You can watch it from your couch! So cool


  1. Justin Trudeau and Dr. Lam our Chief Medical Officer have been answering questions about COVID-19  for our kiddos!
  2. Our wonderful members Gail and James Raffan sang a beautiful love song together. Give it a listen and let us know what you think
  3. Want to throw a VIRTUAL Easter Egg hunt? Here is how you do it!

Our Week in Review

  1. Catherine and Kendra both tied and had a PERFECT score on our COVID-19 Health Challenge. They got 8/8 each day. Because of that, we wanted both of them to get the prize. One got a $40 Gift Card to Northside Espresso and the other got coffee beans from 49th Parallel. Congratulations ladies and way to stay motivated!
  2. We did a blog about Running and if it ACTUALLY causes arthritis. Here is the hint … you might be happy with the answer 🙂

Have a wonderful Easter everyone and if you have any Bright Spots you want to highlight, we would love to see them!



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