Box Jumps: How to do them properly and what to avoid

Some people are really intimidated by them some people absolutely love them. It can also be a really cool and proud moments for someone to do a single box jumps because it can be one of the most intimidating things in the gym. So here is a list of the Do’s and Don’t of box jumps!


 The Do: 

  • Two feet take off ;The best way to generate force is through both feet,
    • if you start to jump with just one leg at a time you wont be able to push into the ground as much as you could with both feet
    • Meaning you won’t be able to jump as high and could risk hitting the box with one of your toes
  • Two Feet landing:
    • The main reason is distribution of force
    • If you land with two feet you can distribute the impact of the jump through both legs where as just one focuses all the impact on one leg


  • The one footed jump or fairy jump
    • Why; the point of a box jump is to try and distribute as much power as possible to propel yourself upwards
    • If you’re pushing with one leg at a it will be significantly harder to generate as much power
      • (Single foot box jumps have there place as well but are generally a lot more difficult I’d recommend starting here)
  • Hard landing
    • Another aspect of the box jump is trying to teach people how to absorb force
    • This means not jump as high as you can then stomping on the box
    • We often tell people this think about floating like a butterfly
  • Landing in a deep squat
    • Again the primary aspect of a box jump is to train power and explosion 
    • If you’re doing a box jump but bringing your knees into your chest you’re actually getting really good at bringing your knees to your chest really fast instead of what it is really meant for
    • It also puts you as a significantly higher risk of missing the box jump and either falling forwards or backwards (neither of which we want)

Hopefully this helped! As always if you have any questions or want further explanation on how to modify feels free to ask us at anytime!

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Christina Prevett