Yoga Pose of the Week – Focus on the Back

By Vanessa Kiriakou | July 7, 2019

Our featured yoga pose of the week is actually two poses! Cat pose and cow pose are two poses often strung together with the breath. Together, they help to stretch out the muscles of the back as well as the chest and hips. They are very beginner friendly and can be done anywhere! They are […]

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Resistance Band & Bodyweight Exercises For Travel

By Vanessa Kiriakou | July 1, 2019

Summer means more travelling and more time away from routine than normal. Time off from the gym and from your training can sometimes be a good thing! Training hard all the time is mentally and physically draining. Don’t feel bad for taking a week off during your vacation time to just relax. However, if you […]

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Yoga Pose of the Week – Focus on the Hamstrings and Lower Back

By Vanessa Kiriakou | June 30, 2019

Our featured yoga pose of the week is a seated forward fold. This pose is great for all bodies, since it can be modified to best suit your needs. This pose will stretch your posterior chain, particularly your hamstrings and low back. It can be done anywhere so it is an easy pose to add […]

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Yoga Pose of the Week – Focus on the Triceps and Chest

By Vanessa Kiriakou | June 23, 2019

Our featured yoga pose of the week is an upper body stretch for the triceps and chest. The upper body is sometimes forgotten when doing mobility work. However, it is important to be mobile in the chest, shoulders and upper body. Many movements require sufficient mobility in the upper body. Also, it can help to […]

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ring rows

Ring Rows: Common Mistakes we see

By Christina Prevett | June 20, 2019

Ring rows are a great way to build strength in the upper back and lats. They also help a ton if one of your goals is getting your first pull-up pull-up.  So ring rows are awesome but can I be doing them wrong???? For sure you can be! Here are some of the common faults […]

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box jumps

Box Jumps: How to do them properly and what to avoid

By Christina Prevett | June 18, 2019

Some people are really intimidated by them some people absolutely love them. It can also be a really cool and proud moments for someone to do a single box jumps because it can be one of the most intimidating things in the gym. So here is a list of the Do’s and Don’t of box […]

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