Aging is like a leaky faucet: Is having to go to the bathroom multiple times a night a "normal" part of aging?

By Christina Prevett | June 14, 2016

Today I am introducing you to Part III of our series questioning the “normal” parts on aging. We are tackling leaking ie issues with bladder control. Ever wake up in the night frustrated because you have to pee? Stay tuned, this one is for you. If you haven’t checked out our outline article check it […]

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Fighting back against the "normal" parts of aging. Part II: Weakness

By Christina Prevett | June 7, 2016

Feeling weak as a kitten? It is normal “for your age”? Everyone should know by now that I’m not shy about my belief that you can be strong at any age. When my clients who are 90 remind me that they’re 90, I look at them and say … so? The topic of what is […]

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Meet William and Why a Fall got Him Exercising

By Christina Prevett | June 3, 2016

William has been with our program for over a year now and he has come SO FAR! From a fall over Christmas to deadlifting 155 lb at 78, I can definitely say this man is a strong role model of mine! William is such a wonderful part of our program. His cheery attitude and love […]

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The "Normal" Parts of Aging… But are They? Part I: Tiredness

By Christina Prevett | May 31, 2016

Tiredness. Exhaustion. Run down. Fatigue. Malaise. Lacking energy. All words used by us and our medical world to describe the feeling of being run down which causes = an inability to get tasks done. People who complain of tiredness often say that it makes it difficult to get stuff done, they can’t work for long […]

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Construction Update #2

By Christina Prevett | May 30, 2016

Hey everyone! We’re about 3 weeks away from our Grand Opening so we thought we would give you an update about all of the work we’ve been putting into the facility.

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5 “Normal” Parts of Aging: But are they?

By Christina Prevett | May 24, 2016

By Christina Nowak MScPT, CSCS, PhD (student)   Aging is an interesting concept. There are a lot of preconceptions, stereotypes and thoughts around what it means to get older. As we age, some of our systems stop working as effectively as they used to. It happens. Things appear to start breaking down. As a physiotherapist, […]

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