keto diet

The Keto Diet: Why is it the New Craze??

By Christina Prevett | March 22, 2019

Keto at a Glance:  The Keto diet is generally safe for general population and can reduce the risk of chronic diseases Generally good for endurance athletes after a period of time May have an adverse effect on strength athletes (you feel weaker)  I’m sure we’ve all heard of the Keto, or the Ketogenic diet, by […]

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So you want to do a pull-up??

By Christina Prevett | March 20, 2019

With summer on its way (hopefully), we get a ton of people asking us about how to get their first pull-up! So we wanted to give you a bit of a breakdown of what that looks like.  First off, there are a few ways to do a pull-up. You’ll see early in the video,  I […]

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Knee sleeves!! Why do some people wear them and some don’t???

By Christina Prevett | March 4, 2019

First off what knee sleeves DON’T do. They don’t support the knee or meniscus, they are meant to keep the joint warm and increase blood flow not to support the knee in anyway• They may prevent injuries.. but if your knees are collapsing in on your squat, knee sleeves aren’t going to change this.• • […]

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Oh My Joints: the evil arthritis

By Christina Prevett | January 23, 2019

Be sure to join us for our latest workshop on arthritis, here is out itinerary for the day In this session, our Physiotherapist Christina Prevett who is doing her PhD in exercising for older adults will give you all the information you need to know about living with arthritis. Starting from what it is and […]

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I NEED To Pee!!

By Christina Prevett | January 10, 2019

That feeling you get when, seemingly out of nowhere, you NEED to go to the bathroom. Perhaps you are someone who someone who can’t hold it for long, or maybe you are a “just in case” pee-er. You may even know every single public bathroom in Kingston. Pelvic Floor physiotherapist call this urgency. This is […]

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neck pain

Do you Have a Pain in the Neck??

By Nick Prevett | December 7, 2018

And no not your significant other… neck pain that can leave your feeling uncomfortable when you turn your head or even leave you with headaches. It actually could be your shoulder!  It’s actually fairly common and can be due to the muscles around the shoulder that help to keep your shoulder in a good position. […]

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