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Why Your Diet Isn’t Working

By Christina Prevett | August 12, 2018

One of the first things we ask a client interested in starting a nutrition program with us is what diet plans have you tried in the past and what has worked or hasn’t worked. We ask this because there are many different diet plans out there. Many boil down to the same concept. You need […]

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Shoulder Strength

Strengthening with Shoulder Pain

By Christina Prevett | August 2, 2018

Shoulder pain is a really common injury. It can be very nagging as well. The way that the shoulder is built is that four muscles called your rotator cuff, ensures that the shoulder stays in its socket. These four muscles work together and create a balance front to back and side to side.   One […]

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How do I do These Kettlebell Things???

By Christina Prevett | July 25, 2018

I’m sure you’ve seen people online or maybe at your gym playing around with kettlbells. Maybe you wanted to try it but your nervous and you’re not sure what you’re doing, we’ve got your back! We wanted to give you a few tips so you can hit the ground running with some of the most […]

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prolapse organ

What is a Prolapsed Organ and how do we fix it??

By Christina Prevett | June 7, 2018

Pelvic organ prolapse occurs when the pelvic floor muscles and tissues become weak or damaged and can no longer provide support to the organs. This can cause one or more of your pelvic organs to descend towards or beyond your vaginal opening. Symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse include: Seeing or feeling a bulge or “something […]

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typical class

What does a class look like?

By Christina Prevett | May 30, 2018

We get this question all the time!! A typical class always follows a similar structure. Well it always starts the same way…with a question of the day! This is Coach Nick’s absolute favourite part of the day. It’s just a fun way of getting to know each other and breaking the ice to make sure […]

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Running after pregnancy

When Can I Start Running Again After Pregnancy?

By Christina Prevett | May 24, 2018

This is a common question that comes up in the postnatal period. Running is an excellent form of aerobic exercise, and should generally be encouraged in someone who is interested. It is important, however, to take some time to rest and recover first. Pregnancy, labour, and delivery can be very taxing on our pelvic floor. […]

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