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I get teased when I say positive mindset wins… but it does!

By Christina Prevett | February 21, 2018

I would describe myself as a happy person. Most days, I’m pretty upbeat. I get called high energy and I definitely am!  That being said… in the last two years, I’ve defended my comprehensive portfolio, gone through big transitions in my career, had family members pass away and faced a very real chance of bankruptcy. […]

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Kids can Lift a Barbell!

By Christina Prevett | January 21, 2018

The question of strength training in youth (6-11) and adolescents (12-16) has been a topic of debate in the health care and strength and conditioning communities for years. There’s a common belief among parents and unfortunately, health care professionals that resistance training in youth is unsafe. This claim is based on the argument that because […]

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FAQ080: What does STAVE OFF mean and how did it come into existence?

By Christina Prevett | January 4, 2018

STAVE OFF = Strength Training, Aging, Vitality and Energy  I thought that for this frequently asked question, I would take it a little personal. We often have clients coming into the gym or into the physiotherapy clinic asking us about what our name, STAVE OFF, means. STAVE OFF started actually as a spin off of […]

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Meet Nadia

By Nick Prevett | December 28, 2017

We have some pretty amazing members, and Nadia is one of them! she’s been with us for just over a year now and going strong. Originally from the Netherlands Nadia moved to Kingston 2 years ago, and decided to get her fitness back on track with a wedding right around the corner We couldn’t be […]

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Melissa Eapen loves STAVE OFF!!

By Nick Prevett | December 20, 2017

Mel is a small business owner. Her life is busy. So when she realized that she had put health and fitness on the back burner she knew she needed to make a change. Mel has been a member of ours since March of 2017. In that time she has made amazing progress including losing almost […]

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The Importance of Community and especially ours at STAVE OFF

By Christina Prevett | December 17, 2017

I sit here reflecting on the weeks that have passed. It’s the holiday season and it is almost New Years. It tends to be a time of more reflection and goal setting. The more I reflect on my life, and that of the gym over the last year, the one word that keeps sticking out […]

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