BLOG: Opportunity happens outside your comfort zone

Over the last couple of months, Nick and I have been stewing about an idea. An idea that is life altering and terrifying.

We had been thinking about opening a clinic based on the ideas and information behind STAVE OFF.

Finally, in the New Year, we pulled the trigger. We found a spot that was on one of the main roads in Kingston, Ontario. Kingston is near to some of Nick’s family and to be honest we just fell in love with it when we went to visit in the winter time.

There were a lot of considerations that went into the decision. By moving away from the Greater Toronto Area, we were moving from a lot of friends and family. Opening up your own space has the overhead and rent along with it that we currently didn’t have. Our names would be on business documents. We would officially become small business owners!

I must admit, I don’t make a great employee. I like the innovation side of the physiotherapy profession. I believe that physiotherapists have a huge role to place in the PREVENTION of disease and injury. We don’t really address it right now. Our profession as a whole is reactive and to some extent it needs to be. But think of the impact we could have on preventing a fall from happening in the first place versus waiting for one to happen and then intervening to deal with the consequences.

STAVE OFF will be about the spectrum of rehabilitation. From the maintenance of chronic conditions such as diabetes and arthritis, to the rehabilitation of flare ups, to the promotion of successful and healthy aging (whatever that may mean to an individual). This idea has been conceptualized but very rarely executed. So here’s our chance. Our chance to leap and see what happens.

I’m excited. I’m scared. I’m optimistic. I’m trying to be realistic. But more than anything I’m ready.

More information to come!

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