BLOG: Age-friendly communities and exercise updates

This past week, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Centre for Studies on Aging and Health conference called “Aging” Are we doing it right?”. Here I was able to hear a lot of very talented speakers talk about their work in the field of aging and older adults. It was wonderful because I think I was one of the only physiotherapists in the room!

When you get the chance to learn from different disciplines and persons of varying perspectives, it allows you to keep your mind open to differing perspectives. One of my favourite talks was on the topic of AGE FRIENDLY COMMUNITIES.

What this is is a public initiative that considers how we design our communities and businesses. Asking the question, would it be easy for persons with disabilities or older persons to be able to navigate this space. Some of the initiatives can include ramps for offices and buildings that require a step to get in, or placing arm rests on benches at bus stops. This is a HUGE undertaking and one that requires teams of persons working together to make their neighbourhoods better – but I think it’s an admirable one. The government has provided grant funding to communities around the country to start implementing some of these strategies. It’s wonderful to hear all of the amazing work these policy makers and advocates have been doing to improve life for older adults.

Also exciting news is that our exercise trial started last week! We are now almost done week 2 with the first wave and the second wave should be starting next week!

All of these exciting new initiatives and things going on definitely makes getting up in the morning so so rewarding.

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