Beacons of Light when There is Darkness

This weekend was not the easiest one for me. My grandmother on my mom’s side passed away Friday afternoon. If you are looking for a label you could say she died of kidney failure but in my mind that just simply isn’t true. Her body was tired. She died of old age.

The mother of 10, she passed away with 6 of her children by her side and no signs of distress. In my mind that is a blessing.

When someone close to you passes, it can turn your world upside down. It is in these times that you realize the power of the connections that you have with people around you. These people become your light when you’re in a time of darkness. Being one of ten, my mom has the support of us (my brother, my dad and myself) but also all of her siblings and their spouses. That is such a blessing and one that, if you’re able to turn to them, gives you comfort.

Myself, I immediately told some of my closest friends what had happened as I ran out of the gym Friday night. They were my solace. The first thing they did was call from wherever they were, whatever they were doing, to make sure that I was okay and have been checking in since. Nick has been my rock and there the entire time I needed him. While dealing with sadness, it also makes you grateful for the relationships you have and the positive influence they can have with you. I’m glad that I can be there for my mom. As someone she can lean on and help in whatever way I can.

I think that’s something my grandmother instilled in us – the value of family.
We get so busy sometimes we always say that we’ll do it later. I’ll make plans with that person later. I’ll call them back later. I’m super guilty of it myself. But what if that person needed you at that time and you didn’t even know it? What if they needed you to be that beacon of light for them because they were in darkness?

RIP Christina Newport
You will be missed


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