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Do you Have a Pain in the Neck??

By Nick Prevett | December 7, 2018

And no not your significant other… neck pain that can leave your feeling uncomfortable when you turn your head or even leave you with headaches. It actually could be your shoulder!  It’s actually fairly common and can be due to the muscles around the shoulder that help to keep your shoulder in a good position. […]

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Meet Nadia

By Nick Prevett | December 28, 2017

We have some pretty amazing members, and Nadia is one of them! she’s been with us for just over a year now and going strong. Originally from the Netherlands Nadia moved to Kingston 2 years ago, and decided to get her fitness back on track with a wedding right around the corner We couldn’t be […]

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Melissa Eapen loves STAVE OFF!!

By Nick Prevett | December 20, 2017

Mel is a small business owner. Her life is busy. So when she realized that she had put health and fitness on the back burner she knew she needed to make a change. Mel has been a member of ours since March of 2017. In that time she has made amazing progress including losing almost […]

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Protein: The Myths, the Facts, and How to Use it

By Nick Prevett | February 3, 2017

Protein is one of the three main macronutrients in any balanced diet. It is super important for a lot of the body functions we take for granted every day. As with everything in nutrition, there are usually some myths that need busted. For example, have you heard any of the following?   The Myths Protein […]

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Stressed Out and No Time

By Nick Prevett | January 19, 2017

With our 6-week challenge kicking off, we’ve seen a huge number of people come in and out of the clinic over the past week. One of the most common things we’ve seen is that everyone is anxious or just plain stressed. Whether this stress is from work, school, family, or friends… it doesn’t really matter, […]

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Pre-Exercise Nutrition: Is it Necessary?

By Nick Prevett | January 13, 2017

Pre-Exercise Nutrition: Is it necessary and if so what do you do? When talking about pre-training nutrition, first and foremost you need to identify your goals. Pre-exercise meals are essentially nutrient timing. It is making sure you’re getting exactly what the body needs at the exact time it needs it. However for the majority of […]

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