Yoga Pose of the Week – Focus on the Hamstrings and Hips

By Christina Prevett | August 25, 2019

This week’s featured yoga pose is 3 legged dog. This pose is similar to downward facing dog, which we have already covered, but works to move further. This pose stretches the hamstrings and hips, as well as strengthens the arms and core. It is an amazing pose that really energizes you! Directions: First, start in a high […]

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leaking running

Leaking While Running; how can you build back up to it?

By Christina Prevett | August 20, 2019

Leaking while you’re running or jumping is a pretty common complaint we hear about all the time, but it does have to be that way! Most people think that after they have children this is just what is going to happen from now on. The good thing is it isn’t and we can help you […]

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Yoga Pose of the Week – Focus on the Hip Flexors

By Christina Prevett | August 18, 2019

This week’s featured yoga pose is a low lunge. This pose focuses on the hip flexors, which can be tough to stretch. It’s a great pose to incorporate, especially if you sit a lot! It can be modified to make it more accessible, or more advanced depending on your flexibility and goals.   Directions: First, […]

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ankle stiffness

Ankle Stiffness; How to Fix it After a Sprain

By Christina Prevett | August 15, 2019

A pretty common thing we hear after a sprain is ankle stiffness. The feeling of just not being able to move it well. So how do we fix it?  What is a sprain and why does it cause ankle stiffness A sprain is anytime you’ve overstretched a ligament causing damage to it The best way […]

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ankle sprain

Ankle Sprains: how can you recover from them?

By Christina Prevett | August 13, 2019

Ankle sprains are way more common in the summer and a lot of people come to us for physiotherapy for them. Sometimes you don’t have access to physiotherapy or its just a little bit too far away. How can you come back from an ankle sprain yourself? One of the hardest things to do when […]

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Yoga Pose of the Week – Focus on the Hamstrings and Groin

By Christina Prevett | August 11, 2019

Our featured yoga pose of the week is triangle pose. This is a standing pose that is great for both strengthening and stretching. It focuses on the hamstrings, groin and hips, which are a commonly tight area for lots of people! Triangle pose is also very accessible as it can be modified to suit your level of […]

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