Winter running

Winter Running: Getting Warmed up

By Christina Prevett | January 17, 2020

I know its super cold out but they’re those crazy people that love winter running, and Maura is one of them….. So wanted to give you some pointers to help you get warmed up, especially just because often most people don”t feel like they’re ready to go until about half way through their run. #1: […]

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gain weight, baby weight, postpartum, performance

My Journey to GAIN Weight Post-Baby

By Christina Prevett | January 5, 2020

The past eight months since the birth of Mya has been QUITE the rollercoaster. Being a business owner means that mat leave does not exist and layer on top a PhD, travelling to teach continuing education, being a healthcare provider, an athlete… oh and did I mention trying to figure out this parenting thing? To […]

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New Years resolutions, goals, mindset, motivation

Working on New Years Resolutions: 4 Tips for Success

By Christina Prevett | December 28, 2019

Are you a person who loves New Years Resolutions? Do you have a list of goals you want to accomplish in 2020?  New Years Resolutions are amazing! What better time to sit down and reflect on things you want to accomplish in the new year. Plus this year… it’s a new DECADE! We want to […]

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SI joint

SI Joint Pain: How You Can Test for It

By Christina Prevett | December 17, 2019

SI joint pain is unfortunately pretty common and especially common during pregnancy, but sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between SI joint pain and back pain. What is SI pain   Most common in the low back and hips which feels aching and dull that can feel very moderate to severe Typically […]

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5 Reasons Why you Might Want to Consider Getting a Coach

By Christina Prevett | December 15, 2019

With the New Year approaching, people are starting to reflect on the end of a decade. There is a sense of renewed zest and people making goals and resolutions. It is this goal setting and planning that makes me think about one of the best decisions I ever made… hiring a coach. BIAS ALERT: I […]

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pudendal neuralgia

pudendal neuralgia: What is it???

By Christina Prevett | October 8, 2019

pudendal neuralgia: Or more common saddle pain When we think about injuries, we need to think about muscles, ligaments, and nerves … even “down there”.  Sciatic nerve pain is a common term that we hear about. It’s a sharp pain that goes down the back of the leg when you’ve had a back injury. But […]

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