I NEED To Pee!!

By Christina Prevett | January 10, 2019

That feeling you get when, seemingly out of nowhere, you NEED to go to the bathroom. Perhaps you are someone who someone who can’t hold it for long, or maybe you are a “just in case” pee-er. You may even know every single public bathroom in Kingston. Pelvic Floor physiotherapist call this urgency. This is […]

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meniscus injury

Your Knee Hurts, It Could be your Meniscus!

By Christina Prevett | December 5, 2018

One of the most common injuries we see are knee injuries! Today we wanted to specifically talk about meniscus injuries, something we see a lot of. When someone is told they have a meniscus injury they often think that its a ligament in the knee, which isn’t actually the case, so before we get into […]

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Push ups

How to actually get better at push-ups!

By Christina Prevett | December 3, 2018

Its pretty common for people who just start getting into exercising to start with push-ups. They seem simple, you don’t need any equipment and can do them at home, but the push-ups actually much more complicated then people think! So we wanted to give you some tips on how you can do them at home […]

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weightlifting pregnancy

Prepping for a weightlifting meet while pregnant

By Christina Prevett | November 12, 2018

**Before I start this blog I want to make a statement. I decided to compete in the weightlifting meet I had already signed up for knowing that I would be 8 weeks pregnant on meet day. I continued because I had consulted with THREE OBGYNs who gave me the okay to continue training. One of […]

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pre natal

Surprise! STAVE OFF Baby is on his or her way!

By Christina Prevett | November 5, 2018

By the time I post this blog, I will be in my second trimester. But I wrote these thoughts down in the couple of weeks after finding out that I was expecting. I’m going to do a series of blog posts that document my pregnancy journey. Whenever I’m going through big changes in my life, […]

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Push Press

How to Perfect The Push Press

By Christina Prevett | October 29, 2018

So now that we’ve gone over the strict press let’s take the next step and go over the push press, which will allow you to press more weight overhead. This happens because the push press brings the leg into the equation generating more power into the bar, But they’re definitely ways you can go wrong […]

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