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Kids can Lift a Barbell!

By Christina Prevett | January 21, 2018

The question of strength training in youth (6-11) and adolescents (12-16) has been a topic of debate in the health care and strength and conditioning communities for years. There’s a common belief among parents and unfortunately, health care professionals that resistance training in youth is unsafe. This claim is based on the argument that because […]

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FAQ080: What does STAVE OFF mean and how did it come into existence?

By Christina Prevett | January 4, 2018

STAVE OFF = Strength Training, Aging, Vitality and Energy  I thought that for this frequently asked question, I would take it a little personal. We often have clients coming into the gym or into the physiotherapy clinic asking us about what our name, STAVE OFF, means. STAVE OFF started actually as a spin off of […]

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The Importance of Community and especially ours at STAVE OFF

By Christina Prevett | December 17, 2017

I sit here reflecting on the weeks that have passed. It’s the holiday season and it is almost New Years. It tends to be a time of more reflection and goal setting. The more I reflect on my life, and that of the gym over the last year, the one word that keeps sticking out […]

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FAQ075: Why is grip strength so important?

By Christina Prevett | August 14, 2017

As we get older, we know that we lose muscle strength, grip strength included! Grip strength refers to the strength of the muscles in the forearms and hands to carry out day-to-day activities. Some of these activities include unscrewing a stubborn jar or carrying in groceries. It’s the running joke at STAVE OFF that we […]

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Deep Breathing for Stress Reduction

By Christina Prevett | August 10, 2017

By: James MacFarlane MScPT (candidate) Stress, stressing, stressed. Everybody is feeling it these days. Whether the pressure is from work, school, taking care of the family, or just life in general, Canadians are a stressed out bunch. According to Statistics Canada, nearly 25% of Canadians report that most days were either “quite a bit” or […]

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FAQ074: What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)?

By Christina Prevett | July 26, 2017

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) CTS is a common condition in the wrist. It is associated with numbness and tingling in the inside part of the hand. Some experience pain as well in the palm of the hand. What causes CTS? This is a relatively common overuse injury in the upper body. It can happen from […]

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