Are lunges bad for your knees??

Like everything we can’t really give you a definitive answer….. while some cases lunges can actually help with knee pain by strengthening the muscles around the joint. While others sometimes using lunges at such extreme angles can put a little added stress on the joints which is not necessary in some cases. 

BUT they’re never going to feel good if you’re not doing them properly.

Mistakes Number #1: leaning to far forward/to far back in the lunge

  • This can happen for a few reasons 
    • to far forward is generally because you haven’t stepped far enough forward
    • If you feel like you back leg is almost straight you’ve probably stepped to far forward 
  • What we always tell people is think of the 90/90 rule
    • You want your hip knee to ankle to form a 90 degree angle
    • This keeps everything nicely stacked and there isn’t any extreme angles through out the body

Fixing the knee pain with lunges

  • Another helpful little hint is the way you step,
  • If you step backward it will generally feel more comfortable on your knees
    • This is because there is generally less quad recruitments on the leg if you step forward as oppose to stepping backwards

Balance Problems:

  • Another common issue with lunges is balance issues and feeling like you’re going to fall over
  • What we generally do is get people to stand next to a pole or a door for balance
    • Hold onto it as you lower yourself down this can also help by taking some of the weight off your body making it a little easier as well

If you have any other questions about lunges or building strength around the knee we have some awesome articles here about and here about strengthening the knee and here if you are having active knee pain, until next time!


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