Our Anti-Aging Society and Why I Think We Have it All Wrong

Anti-Aging: We are a society OBSESSED with Youth

Our society is obsessed with being younger! We hate the idea of looking or being old. We have these ideas in our mind about what it means to be old and it usually isn’t positive. It is so easy to think about nursing homes and wheelchairs instead the examples we are starting to see now. Because this image is still so prevalent, we use “anti-aging” solutions, oils, medications and strategies. We do everything we can to look younger and have people not be able to guess our age.

I must tell you though – I HATE the word anti-aging!

The word anti-aging just seems so negative. Like it is bad to grow older. Like time is the enemy. It makes it seems like growing older is to be avoided at all cost. This is so far from the truth!

Instead, if we take the right steps, we can think of it as this wonderful time where we learn from our past to live a fulfilled future. I was reading an article on CNN that I posted on the STAVE OFF Facebook page (you can check it out here) and it talked about how much money we spend on “anti-aging” solutions. This industry is expected to gross over $291 BILLION DOLLARS! That just tells you how interested people are in a youthful appearance.

Beware of the anti-aging promises

Here are the things that we need to be careful of. This article laid out the science and said that over 43% of these agents didn’t do what they claimed. That is almost half! So people are spending hundreds of dollars on anti-wrinkle creams and ointments for it to do nothing. There is more and more attention coming into the supplement industry as people begin spending more money on products that haven’t been tested by the FDA. I think we’re going to see these companies requiring stricter testing protocols and transparency so that we can begin to see what the effects of some of these lotions are.

anti-aging, physiotherapy, exerciseMaybe it isn’t about anti-aging but healthy living!

Now don’t get me wrong, I care about my appearance. But I also try to embrace that I’m not going to look 18 forever. I think the use of beauty products, moisturizers etc should be less about anti-aging but more about healthy living. These products are to take care of our skins, hair, nails and body overall. That is a good thing! It is the anti-aging sentiment that I can’t stand behind.

Let’s focus on a healthy lifestyle… it’s the best anti-aging solution we have!

When we take these anti-aging diets or challenges, the biggest thing that happens is that we start to eat healthier, sit less and exercise more! That is the magic solution! The best way to stay “younger” is to keep moving, eat well, get the sleep you need and try to stress a little bit less (I say that a vacation each year is good for your health don’t you?).

All of these things will allow you to have the same energy you did 10 years ago. It will allow you to embrace the age you are now, not pine for the way it used to be.

I just want everyone to be careful. Educate yourselves on the products you are taking and if they’ve been research or approved by a government agency with standards of reporting. It can make the biggest difference. As always, there is no magic pill or bullet. It’s the consistency you take in the decisions you make day in and day out.

At STAVE OFF Physiotherapy, these make up the pillars that we work by and is the reason why we do what we do!

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