And we're off! The start of my PhD studies

This week technically launched the beginning of my Doctoral studies. I say technically because throughout the summer I have been in contact with Dr. Tang (my supervisor), working on grant proposals and letters of intent for my project.

I’m going to be completely honest … working on these was both a stress and a stress relief.

I always had the idea of my PhD in my mind. There was this question that I wanted to answer. This came with a rough idea of the specifics that I wanted to compare. When you start writing out a grant proposal, you need to know a lot of the specifics. It made me say “I don’t know” more time than I want to count. I feel like this is going to be a common theme throughout my studies. The introduction and the background requires enough information of the current literature on the subject to be able to justify your argument. It made me realize just how much I have to learn.

But this is a good thing! Thats what my studies are for!

Then came the orientation. Orientation was a lot of “here’s all the things you need to make sure you complete to obtain your PhD”. There was quite the list and it came with the advice that everything takes longer than you anticipate.

There’s a couple of things that I realized sitting in that room though. I had butterflies and an excitement that had me ready to get started on this project. I picked the right one because every time I talk about it, that excitement rises. And I had so much to learn still.

When I embark on a new venture in my life it’s always a time for reflection. Finishing physio school, I always had a pull to academia. I have even talked to one of our course coordinators regarding balancing treating and research. It felt like it was always in the cards for me, it was simply a question of when. Treating for two years, people always say “oh once you start working you’ll never go back”. That just didn’t seem to be the case for me. I guess when you have a pull to a certain place, nothing really stops you from getting there eventually. The timing is the only consideration.

Keep looking at the website. There is going to be a ton coming up especially as I launch head-first into my studies!

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  1. Steve Gladstone says

    Congratulations!! it’s really cool that you are willing to drag a bunch of people along for the ride, and some of them old buggers like me. Consequently, I too am excited about what you are going to learn, and more importantly, about the questions you ask , as they will create curiosity in myself and others, and reflection and insight from many different experiential perspectives, which in turn from your collation could lead to new and innovative corrective actions and therapeutic outcomes.
    Be patient. Be tenacious.

    • says

      Thanks Steve!
      I’m really excited too – I think that if we can change the minds of even a few of the things we continue to be capable of as we get older … it’ll be a success!

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