The 5 Things you Should Look for in a Personal Trainer


With the holiday season coming to a close, the guilt of all the peanut butter balls and turkey hangs over our heads (at least these are the two I feel guiltiest about!). This is the time when we are getting back into the swing of things and back on track with our goals to get back into shape and start feeling better about ourselves. When you have big goals and aspirations, a personal trainer can be a person who can help you reach them.


Your Fitness New Years Resolutions

Over the last couple of years, there have been people who have been negative about New Years Resolutions. People believe we don’t need a specific day but that we should be working on our goals year round. While I think that’s valid, there is always this feeling of new life and energy in January. For that reason, I’ll never understand why we single out people who are trying to get back in shape and make positive changes towards feeling better and becoming more confident. Looking to a personal trainer may help you with that confidence and teach them the proper steps to reach their goals.


Picking the Right Person

A personal trainer can either make or break someone’s whole fitness experience. A good trainer can change someone’s outlook on exercising and make all the positive changes in there lives. A poor trainer fit for you may scare you away from exercising completely.


So here is what we think you should be considering when looking for in a personal trainer.


#1 Personality

The connection between a personal trainer and you is a relationship. You have to have complete confidence in the person that is training you. That requires a trust that develops. You need to believe your personal trainer has your best interests in mind. You need like the person that’s training you! If you don’t really actively enjoy being around the person, you are less likely to be motivated. You’ll be more likely to cancel and less likely to watch what you eat when they are not around. A connection with your personal trainer can be a huge driver in your success.


#2 Location

A trainer that is hard to get to or far away may make it easier for you to cancel. Say the weather isn’t the greatest, which we know to well in Kingston, and your trainer is a 20- minute drive away, you aren’t very likely to go. It is an easy excuse not to go.


#3 Qualification 

There are a wide range of fitness certifications in the personal trainer world. Courses in personal training can vary from highly accepted with strong reputations to some that sound very official but lack depth of knowledge. It is 100% okay for you to ask your personal trainer what their qualifications are! Do your homework. Make sure you trust that your personal trainer has all of the skills necessary to train you.


#4 Honesty

While the 28 days to insanity or 4 weeks to washboard abs sound flashy, it rarely if ever, happens that way. While you can lose weight, feel better, and have more energy, getting into shape is a journey. It isn’t a sprint. You are building life-long habits and we’re sorry to tell you but it’s not likely you’ll have wash board abs in 4 weeks. Its important your trainer is honest about where he/she thinks you’ll be in 4,6, and 8 weeks so you can set realistic goals together


#5 Balance

While your personal trainer should push you, it’s just as important that they don’t push you too hard or not hard enough. Any person can kick your butt by making you do so much you want to puke. But in the long-term that isn’t going to get you to your goals. For that you need a balanced approach. Balance is not only important in how hard a trainer pushes but also on the philosophy the trainer has. Every personal trainer is going to have a focus style they prefer. Some trainers focus solely on heavy weights, others on body weight, and some on steady state cardio. While each on its own has merit, a balance between all of them is what is going to be the most beneficial to you. Plus, what you like is going to make you more likely to come back again! If you hate it, it’s easy to quit.


Having a personal trainer is one of the best ways for you to get in shape, start a consistent exercise routine and gain accountability inside and outside the gym. But it is also an investment. Take the time, ask questions, see if there is a connection and if it isn’t a fit for you keep looking.

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