3 No-Equipment Workouts You Can Do At Home

Some days, you just can’t make it into the gym to get your workout in. It happens… But, that doesn’t mean you have to sit on the couch and make excuses! Even moving your body for 20 or 30 minutes is better than nothing on a busy day, or a day you can’t get to the gym.

There are so many things you can do using your bodyweight and little to no equipment. Here are 3 varied workouts you can do at home, or anywhere!


  1. The Track Workout:

This workout can be done if you are near an outdoor track. Check out your local high school or community centre for a track that is open for use. This is particularly good for weekends, or other times when school tracks are not being used. You could also estimate the length at a local park or public outdoor area. This workout will definitely get your heart rate up!

Warm-up: 400m jog around the track

For each circuit, perform the movements back to back, with 1-minute rest in-between each set. Do 3 sets of each.

Circuit #1:

100m walking lunges

15 burpees

Circuit #2:

100m sprint

100m high knees

100m butt kicks

100m walk

Cool-down: 400m walk/jog around the track. Make sure to stretch out your calves and hamstrings as well.


  1. The Anywhere Workout:

This workout can be done inside or outside and will get you feeling the burn for sure! You don’t need any equipment for this one, but if you have a low table or bench, that could be useful! Also, if you prefer, grab a towel or yoga mat to lie on to make yourself more comfortable.

Warm-up: 10 squats, 10 burpees, 10 jumping jacks, 10 arm circles each direction.

For each circuit, perform the movements back to back, with 1-minute rest in-between each set. Do 3 sets of each.

Circuit #1:

20 Push-ups (elevate arms on a bench to make this easier, or put your feet up to make it more challenging)

20 Squats (add a 2 second pause in the bottom to make these more challenging)

Circuit #2:

20 Glute bridges (put your shoulders on a couch or low table to increase the range of motion)

20 Supermans (hold for 2-3 seconds each rep)

Conditioning: EMOM for 10 minutes

Set a timer or pay attention to the clock. Every minute, at the start of the minute, complete 12 burpees. Once you’ve done your 12 burpees, you get to rest for the duration of that minute. But, once the next minute begins, you start your burpees once again. This may seem simple, but this will be a challenge! By the end you will have done 120 burpees!!

Cool down: Get some mobility work in. Check out our featured yoga pose of the week!


  1. The Core Workout:

This workout is all about the core! Core work is a great thing to work on at home because you can do so many challenging movements with very little equipment. Also, a strong core is important to every movement you do in the gym, so it is really beneficial to put some extra work in.

Warm-up: Play the song, “Roxanne” and each time you hear “Roxanne,” do a leg raise (laying on your back). Make sure your low back stays pressing into the ground.

For each circuit, perform each movement back to back, with 1-minute rest in-between each set. Do 3 sets of each.

Circuit #1:

15 Bird-dogs/side (keep shoulders and hips square!)

20 Russian twists (keep your back nice and straight as you twist!)

Circuit #2:

20 Sit-ups

15 Mountain climbers/side (bring your upper body to a stair or table to make these a bit easier)

BONUS: Set a timer and see how long you can hold a plank or hollow hold for!

Cool down: Make sure to stretch out and do some mobility work to prepare you for when you’ll be in the gym next!


Overall, any kind of movement you do will be better than nothing! These are just some ideas to spark motivation. If any of these movements don’t work for you, modify or try something else.

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Vanessa Kiriakou