The Pan Am Games, Networking and Infused Energy!

This week has been an absolute whirlwind! I began my role as a Medical Practitioner with the Pan Am Games. I am volunteering with the soccer tournament so I will be in the Hamilton/ Burlington area when I am on shift. Although the tournament technically didn’t start until Saturday, athletes were starting to flock into Toronto and practice venues have been set up around the Hamilton area. There are at least two medical staff working any time that a player is on the field. So basically I have been watching extremely high caliber athletes warm up for one of the biggest international competitions of the year.

As host medical, we are actually second to the team medical staff that the teams bring along with them to the games. We have medical directives that places us in charge of any serious medical situation (think spinal fracture until EMS gets there) as well as concussions which have been a huge issue in sports gaining particular attention in the last couple of  years.

Overall the experience so far has been incredible! I am such a firm believer in taking on different opportunities that take you a little bit out of your comfort zone. The ability to compare notes with other health care practitioners who are also volunteering their time is an amazing way to learn from other people and get to know some of the people in your area.

Also this week I had the AMAZING opportunity to connect with Dr. John Rusin (check out his website here) . This man is slowly becoming my idol because he blends strength and conditioning, and physio while working on educating other people so that he can have a broader influence. To me that is so incredible! I have been working on social media over the last couple of months so that I can keep myself learning by trying to teach others. I think that this is how physios keep up their knowledge base and we have such a large role that we can fill with this. He gave me some wonderful ideas and some questions to ponder. It’s put me into more of a reflective mood than I already get into most of the time.

The more I grow professionally and personally the more I realize the power of surrounding yourself with people that will make you better. This network can totally do that!

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