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Physiotherapy is a treatment that involves the assessment, management and resolution of muscle aches and pains as well as strengthening of the body to improve your ability to complete the things that are important to you! We do this in a variety of ways but some include:

  • Soft tissue release techniques.
  • Exercise based corrective exercises
  • Pain management
  • Teaching you ways to manage your injury as you work through the rehabilitation process
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Conquer Arthritis

Exercise is one of the most important ways we can manage the pain from arthritis and stay strong! Conquer is a 2x/week exercise program led by a physiotherapist or trained staff member. This program includes

  • A physiotherapy assessment.
  • Exercise catered to your individual needs.
  • Meeting a group of people going through the same things you are.

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Want to be in PRIME shape? Prime is an exercise program with strength training and intervals to get you stronger, healthier and more energetic! It makes you strong and healthy so you can enjoy all of life's opportunities from hiking, to travelling, to playing with your babies or grandbabies. Looking to lose weight and have fun doing it? We're for you! It is suited to people of all ages and skill levels.
Being overseen by physiotherapy AND exercise professionals gives you the confidence to begin this program even if you have aches, pains or health issues.
The results speak for themselves, contact us to come and try out one of our classes!

Tick Tock

Our heart is a pretty important organ. When things go wrong with it, we can panic, be afraid to make it worse or just be unsure of what life has in store for us down the road. Recovering from, or dealing with a heart condition such as a heart attack, heart surgery or atrial fibrillation can be hard! Exercise and proper nutrition are two staples in getting back to what you love doing from golf to gardening and everything in between. At STAVE OFF, our physiotherapy and exercise team follows the latest rehab guidelines to SAFELY get you back to your old self again .

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