FAQ075: Why is grip strength so important?
August 14, 2017
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FAQ077: How might my assessment be different if I’m assessing a strength-based athlete?

A physiotherapy assessment needs to be catered to the person… strength athletes are no different.

For strength-focussed athletes, they put high demands on their bodies. Power-based sports as well have

Strength-focussed athletes include Crossfitters, powerlifters and Olympic weightlifters or any gym goer that incorporates a lot of strength training into their program. For these individuals, warm up sets can be pain-free and then when the weight gets heavier, pain starts.

Checking movement is priority # 1

Because we have the gym at STAVE OFF, it is easier for us to get our athletes under the barbell. Another method is to have my athletes send me a video of them lifting under a higher percentage of their one rep-max. This gives us a ton of information. Usually we can show perfect movement when it is unloaded. Fatigue doesn’t come into play at light weights. It is when the weight starts to get heavy we see the changes in movement happen. This usually occurs when the weight is up at around¬†70+%.

Barbell related movements put a lot of stress on the body. When we are pushing the boundaries of what our body can do, injuries can happen.

In this video, I talk about what I would do. Being in a gym setting makes it easier for me to actually watch a person lifting weights. I get to see how you move, when pain starts, and what from a movement perspective starts to break down.

Did you know that Christina is also a member of Clinical Athlete? Clinical Athlete is a map of clinicians who have a solid foundation in strength training and treating these athletes. If you haven’t checked out the site, you can do so here.¬† You’ll see us on the map!

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