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Episode 002: Why EVERYONE should be lifting weights!
December 7, 2016
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FAQ032: What is degenerative disc disease?
December 10, 2016
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Episode 003: Metabolism & How it Changes as we get older

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Our metabolism can be a really complicated topic. We talk about it a lot whenever diets, nutrition or healthy habits come up in conversation. It often is what dictates the amount of calories we eat each day. Our hormones are big drivers as well and it can all seem like a very convoluted web.

Today we try to break that down. What does metabolism mean? How does age affect it? How about menopause? We answer these questions and more in today’s episode!


Want to learn more? Check out Nick’s article on metabolism! He writes an article each week about nutrition, healthy habits and diet – but you need to follow along on the blog


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