Our mission at STAVE OFF is to remove pain, discomfort and tiredness in our clients, to provide services that support healthy aging in our community.

At STAVE OFF, we aim to build up all aspects of our community. We strengthen our bodies through the programs that we offer such as Prime, our exercise program, and our falls prevention program. We strengthen our connection to the community through our fundraising efforts for local non-profit organizations. This is why a portion of every exercise membership to STAVE OFF goes to Hospice Kingston.
Through our community, we can work to be role models of healthy aging and active lifestyle. With the help of our team, we can encourage all members of the Kingston community at any age to be strong contributing members of our wonderful society.

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Our Team

Christina Nowak

MScPT, CSCS, PhD (s)

Nick Prevett

BKin, PN1

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